As part of our collaboration, each time you travel with AEGEAN, secure a car rental in any category at the best rates in the whole world!


In order to enjoy the reduced rates and exclusive car rental benefits that AEGEAN offers its passengers at, perform the following steps:

  • Select the pickup and return locations (if this is different from the pickup location), and the dates and hours of the pickup and return.
  • In the “Aegean booking reference number” field, enter your flight booking reference number or your Miles+Bonus member ID number in the corresponding field so that you can receive the special rates*, and select “SEARCH”.
  • At the “SELECT VEHICLE” step you can choose the vehicle that suits your purposes.
  • At the “ENTER YOUR DETAILS” step, enter your personal details and complete your booking by accepting the terms and conditions.
  • When you have completed your booking a confirmation message will appear on the screen, and you will also receive a confirmation email with all the relevant information. 


Members of the Miles+Bonus programme can also gain up to 1,500 award miles from Hertz car rentals throughout the whole world by simply booking through

Our system will recognise you as a member and within two weeks of the completion of your rental (and as long as the vehicle you selected belongs to the Hertz fleet) the award miles earned from your booking will be credited to your account. These are award miles and cannot be used to upgrade or maintain your tier.

In the following tables you can see the number of miles to be redeemed for Hertz car rentals in Greece and abroad.

For reservations with Hertz :


1 day

2 & 3 days

4 days or more

Groups: A, B, C, J, Z, F

350 award miles

700 award miles

1,250 award miles

Other Groups

500 award miles

1,000 award miles

1,500 award miles


You can also use the miles you have earned on a free upgrade from Hertz Autohellas (Greece, Cyprus, Bulgaria, Ukraine, Romania, Serbia and Croatia) through the online redemption request via your Miles+Bonus account at least 1 working day before the date from which you want to rent. You will then be notified by a Hertz representative as to whether your application has been accepted or rejected. If it is accepted the corresponding miles will automatically be discounted from your account. Further information can be found here.

Electric rent

In cooperation with Autohellas Hertz we offer a 15% discount on electric car rental, at the following Hertz service points: Athens, Thessaloniki, Mykonos, Santorini and Paros, simply by showing the boarding pass. Choose from 20 electric car types models (offer subject to availability). Electrify your Experience!


Gold Miles+Bonus programme members are entitled to upgrade the category of their rental car in Greece, Cyprus, Bulgaria, Ukraine, Romania, Serbia and Croatia on presentation of their card at the pickup location and as long as the vehicle is available.


*The special car rental rates available with your AEGEAN booking reference number are valid from the day your ticket was booked up until 30 days after the date of the last flight on this booking.  The special rates available with your Miles+Bonus member ID number are valid for as long as your account is active.

** Mileage accrual from a Hertz car rental as well as the special benefits for Gold members of the Miles+Bonus programme (e.g. free car upgrade) are for specific rental packages and specific Hertz service points. Miles do not accrue and benefits are not available for free rental by redeeming Miles+Bonus miles or from promotional activities for company, group or wholesale rates, or rates for airline employees, travel agents or employees of car rental companies.

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